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Tour guides


Our tour guides and tour managers are licensed as required by the Italian legislation. Knowledgeable storytellers, they constantly keep themselves up to date by attending seminars and classes ranging from history to wine making, from art to geologylocal traditions and much more.

Our guides bring our guests to be part of the story, delivering much more than just the sights and adding an extra value to the experience.

The added value of hiring a tour guide lies in bringing up to life elements otherwise hard to be noticed and that one could dismiss as insignificant.

Languages spoken: Italian, English, French, German, Russian, Japanese.


Groups: the tour guide can be booked for either a single traveler or a group up to 50 people*.

*Most museums and archeological sites do not allow more than 25 people at time. If the group is larger we suggest to split it in two or to book two guides.