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E-bikes are electric bicycles powered by an engine which helps the user to pedal and to select programs with different speed and intensity. Basically, by riding an e-bike, the user feels like on a regular bicycle but the effort and stamina required are much lower, in particular on steep roads.

These characteristics make e-bikes ideal to be used on our hills where Meet Piemonte organizes guided tours over the UNESCO World Heritage area of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero.


The duration of the e-bike battery varies according to the steepness of the itinerary and to the speed, however, it lasts on average 40 kms (25 miles).

We offer two different ways to experience a ride on a e-bike: the guided tour which includes a wine tasting in a local cellar and the rental enriched by the free downloading of an app full of itineraries and suggestions.

We recommend the guided tour for people who are looking for an hassle-free experience, guided by a professional tour guide who provides assistance throughout the itinerary and, nonetheless, helps you to engage with the local culture and introduce you to our region.


On the other hand, the rental is ideal for the experienced traveler who knows how to handle the e-bike. The app is downloadable on any device and it enhances the ride with an interactive gps map with itinerariesrestaurant suggestions and other services of the area of production of Barolo.