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Segway tour


Anyone approaching Segways for the first time ask themselves how they can possibly be working but then, once one gets on, immediately understands how easy and fun the whole experience is.


Segways are controlled just with the person’s weight and balance; there are no specific skills or physical training needed, however the only requirement is to weigh at least 40 kg (88 Pounds). An helmet is provided as well as a small pouch attached to the handle bar where you can throw your personal belongings in. We recommend sneakers or comfortable and flat shoes and, ladies, no high heels!


The tour guide will spend the first 15 minutes to train our customers, explaining the simple principle that stands behind the use of the Segway®, sharing bet practices to stay safe while on the road, learning how to avoid and deal with any obstacle. Each participant will be assisted getting on for the first time and they will have some spare time to get confident before the tour sets off.


This is not a rental but a private guided tour so there is always someone available in case of need.


Our Segway tour are meant to be much more than just a ride. The whole experience is centered around the UNESCO World Heritage countryside and in most of our tours we include a stop in a local winery or, sometimes, a food tasting. So the Segway is the mean of transportation – a fun one – which is used to explore in a different and engaging way our breathtaking surroundings. Our tour guide will stop once in a while to provide a presentation of the area and take you for some great photo opportunities.


In addition to the tours listed here, Meet Piemonte can customize itineraries based on specific requests of time and budget available.



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