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Trekking in Piedmont


Hiking trails in Piedmont, Italy

Trekking in the Piedmont region of Italy following scenic hiking trails is what outdoor lovers are looking for.


Meet Piemonte arranges trekking on the hiking trails of the wine region of Barolo and Barbaresco, as well as on the Western Alps, bordering France.



Trekking on the wine region of Piedmont, Italy

Explore hiking trails set through the vineyards of the Langhe hills. This is where Barolo and Barbaresco wine regions are situated within a short drive from the town of Alba.


The hills of Piedmont are a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the beauty of the landscape.


Walk on quiet country roads and on trails up and down the Langhe hills and enjoy a break in a selected winery overlooking vineyards.

No guide. Follow the itinerary on the app

Light lunch with five wines

Explore at your own pace

Guided trekking with tour guide

Premium wine tasting

4-hour | easy level


Trekking on the Alps

The western Alps are located in the Piedmont region of Italy, bordering France. There is a number of valleys leading toward France through alpine passes, generally open just in summer.


Driving to the western Alps is a short distance from Alba and Turin. The cities of Cuneo and Saluzzo, though are even closer and deserve to spend there more than one night, taking day trips to the Alps.



Explore the western Alps

Wild forests, pristine lakes and rocky peaks make the western Alps a preferred destination for outdoor lovers.


Valle Stura, Valle Maira, Valle Varaita and Valle Grana are less touristy than other popular alpine resorts with the advantage of fully appreciate the wild nature.



Private trekking on the Alps in Piedmont

Hiking trails on the western alps are suitable for all levels. Meet Piemonte only arranges private trekking with professional guides that can plan the hike according to the level of stamina of participants.


Well fit and equipped guests can request a trekking on the highest peak of Piedmont, the Monviso, where snow can be spotted all year round. Send us a request in the form below.

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