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Truffle hunting


Truffle hunting is an informative, fun and engaging experience which is set out in the woods, where guests follow an expert truffle hunter and his precious dog.


The most renowned type of truffle, known as the white truffle of Alba, is available from the end of September to the beginning of January and it can be found as well around Asti. From late springtime the summer black truffle grows in larger quantities than the white one, although it is less notable in terms of aroma and taste.



How the truffle hunt works?

The aim of this activity is to see how truffles are found by the friendly dog, that is free to browse around without leash, and how the hunter provides directions to the animal suggesting trees or ditches that he knows to be good for truffles.


Nonetheless, our guests get involved in the process by helping the hunter during the extraction process and they witness the close relationship between the man and the dog, by far the highlight of this experience.


On top of that, the truffle hunting is a real “guided tour” in the woods, where guests get a complete presentation on the environment needed for truffles to grow, explanation about types of trees involved, soil characteristics and stories of the hunter’s family. All aspects of truffles’ biological life cycle are touched, as well as culinary uses and how to recognize a good truffle from an average one.



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Guests can book the truffle hunting in two different geographical areas, near Alba or near Asti. In addition, we offer two different tours in which truffle hunting is followed by wine tasting:



Truffle hunting (about 1.5 hour) is set within a 10 to 30 minutes driving distance around Alba



Truffle hunting (about 1.5 hour) is set about 30 minutes driving distance south of Asti



A 4-hour tour with truffle hunting near Alba and a Barolo cellar tour including tasting of 4 wines



A 4-hour tour with truffle hunting near Asti and a Barbera d’Asti cellar tour including tasting of 4 wines