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Truffle hunting


Truffle hunting is an informative, fun and engaging experience which is set out in the woods, led by the hunter and his inseparable dog. Regardless of the type of truffles (black or white) available in the season when the hunt takes place, the aim of this activity is to show how truffles are found and taken out from the ground. Nonetheless, our guests get involved in the process by helping the friendly hunter and witnessing the close relationship between the man and the animal, arguably the highlight of the day.

On top of that, truffle hunting can be considered a “guided tour” in the woods, where you get a complete presentation on the environment needed for truffles to grow, trees involved, soil characteristics and bits of the hunter’s family-story. All aspects of truffles are explained, including the sensorial and technical analysis – essential to understand the quality of the product – and how truffles are best preserved and eaten.  


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