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Wine trekking


The itineraries described on these pages are featuring the hills districts of LangheMonferrato and Roero where some of the most renowned wines of Piemonte are produced, such as BaroloBarbarescoBarbera and many others. Ideal for outdoor lovers or simply for people who want to leisurely unwind with walks through the beautiful countryside of Piemonte, our trekking follow marked paths through vineyards and wild woods, off-road as well as on paved secondary roads without traffic. The modest elevation of the hills where these affordable trekking take place, means that no specific physical training or stamina is required to climb the slopes, while walking on the hill crests guarantees spectacular views over the UNESCO World Heritage region.

Trekking advertised here are also ideal for families with teenagers, considering that the length is about 6.5 miles (10 km) and they last about four hours, including the stop in a off-the-beaten-track winery for a tasting of premium wines. The added value of Meet Piemonte stands on our tour guide who will engage with our guests, revealing the hidden elements of the countryside, otherwise silent to a hurried glance.

We are available to tailor trekking according to specific requests, for longer and more challenging itineraries set out to discover the Piemonte region.