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The style of Meet Piemonte

Meet Piemonte is an Incoming Tour Operator that purposely focuses on the Northwest of Italy rather than on the entire country. In fact, the style and the aim of Meet Piemonte is to provide the most unique experience and to fully commit to personalized service.


The Piedmont region of Italy boasts a wide array of resources and activities whose selection and planning require the highest level of care. Only a specialized Incoming Tour Operator like Meet Piemonte can effectively serve customers with detailed travel services beyond the ordinary tourist itineraries.

Italy Travel Agents

Meet Piemonte is a tour operator suitable for both the individual traveler and for foreign travel companies looking for a reliable partner in Italy.


The style of Meet Piemonte consist of planning hassle-free travel services in Northwest Italy with a solid organization behind.


Our partners are vetted and carefully selected. We work with those who deliver excellent services and share our purpose to bring our guests beyond an ordinary experience.

  • A reliable local partner with a network of trusted relationships across the region
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of one single Italian region (and nearby destinations)
  • On-site assistance when dealing with an emergency or any last-minute changes
  • A team with decades-long experience in the industry who understands the expectations of the most discerning guests
  • Efficient and precise communication throughout the planning process
  • A range of offbeat and authentic experiences that guests would never find on their own and that bring the destination to be alive.
  • When possible, we prefer longer hotel stays, avoiding unnecessary packing and unpacking. Settle in and enjoy, do not think about logistics!
  • Slow pace means more time to fully plunge into the destination and leave some space for a last-minute whim.
  • Tour guides who goes beyond dates and facts. Whether is a fully-escorted tour or just a 2-hour city tour, our certified and friendly guides will highlight elements otherwise dismissed as insignificant.
  • Human factor: do not just sign up for a cheese or wine tasting but get it to do it with the person who made that cheese or wine. Meet local people who share their passion, tradition and values.
  • We start the planning process by listening to you, to your preferences, passions, needs and we create luxury tours like tailor-made dresses, choosing each tour component among a selection of activities and suppliers carefully vetted over the years.

The team of Meet Piemonte

The tour operator Meet Piemonte is supported by a team of trusted professionals. Marco and Alessandra are the two co-founders

Marco Scaglione

Tour Operator General Manager

Alessandra Gallo

Finance and Reservations

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