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Tour di Torino
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Visit Turin with a tour guide

Visit Turin with a private tour guide who will be at your complete disposal!

Choose one of the following tours in Turin and be surprised by an elegant, vibrant and cosmopolitan Italian city. If you heard of Turin as an industrial and polluted city, expect now to enjoy pedestrian squares, a wide array of museums and a premium dining selection.

Tours in Turin: classic walking tour

Among our tours in Turin, the classic walking tour is ideal for the first-timer visitor who wish to get acquainted with the city.

The classic walking tour in Turin with a tour guide lasts approximately 2 to 3 hours and it can be customized. The starting point can be your hotel located in the city center or the Porta Nuova train station or one of the main sights.

What to see in Turin

Visit Turin and the central Piazza Castello from where one can spot the two domes of local architect Guarino Guarini, the entrance of Palazzo Madama designed by Filippo Juvarra and the 1930s first-skyscraper ever built in the city.

According to opening times, the classic walking tour in Turin usually steps inside the magnificent church of St. Lawrence, a masterpiece of Baroque architecture. This is where the Holy Shroud of Turin was first placed in the second half of the 1500s.

The classic walking tour in Turin proceed towards the exterior of the Royal Palace, the Royal Library (limited access) and the entrance of the Opera House. Visit Turin all the way to Piazza Carignano, seat of the first Italian Parliament and to the XVII century Piazza S. Carlo.

Moreover, the tour guide will lead you to the elegant Galleria Subalpina (one of the covered passages), to via Po and to see some of the historic coffee shops.

Galleria Subalpina, that you can visit during the tour

Visit Turin: the Roman ruins

Tours in Turin are a journey back 2000 years when the first Roman military outpost, called Augusta Taurinorum, was settled.

On the ground floor of Palazzo Madama (fee required) one can see the remains of the walls of the Roman city. Next to the Cathedral, instead, the Palatine Gate is still standing and it lies on the side of the archeological site of the Roman theatre.

 Visit Turin, the city of the House of Savoy

Turin was expanded three times in order to transform the early medieval town in the new capital of the House of Savoy. First dukes and later kings, the Savoy family brought Turin to be the Capital of Italy in 1861.

Things to do in Turin, the city of the FIAT

Turin hosted the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, an event that changed the vocation of the city.

Our tours in Turin investigate on the social changes that Turin had to face in the past centuries, influenced by the impact of the FIAT car factory. Visit Turin, a modern city which today is home of an important university and a point of reference in the field of technology and design.

Visit Turin: museums and the Royal Palace

Meet Piemonte arranges private guided tours of museums in Turin such as the Royal Palace and the Chapel of the Holy Shroud, the Egyptian Museum (the second largest in the world!), the Cinema Museum with the elevator ride to the top of the iconic Mole Antonelliana, the Car Museum, the Modern Art Museum, the Museum of the Unification of Italy.

Visit Turin and the surroundings

Meet Piemonte can arrange private guided tours in Turin and the surrounding. Visit the Venaria Reale and the Stupinigi Hunting Lodge.

Located just outside the city, these palaces are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and consist of Baroque architecture highly decorated and surrounded by lavish gardens. The Savoy residences were used for hunting sessions which were an occasion to host social gatherings and parties.

Things to do in Turin: St. Michael abbey

St. Michael abbey lies about 45 minutes by car from central Turin. The tour guide can either meet you there or escort you on a private transfer from your hotel. It is possible to arrange a private car for your party and the total length of the experience is about four hours.

This tour winds through the heart of the city centre of Turin, in secondary alleys, all the way to the former Jewish ghetto.

The tour of doorways, historic shops and the Jewish ghetto brings back to life hidden gates, courtyards and decorations with symbolic masks, cherubs and animal figures.

One of the historic gates of Turin

The food tour of Turin is set around Porta Palazzo, the largest food market of Europe and the area of the original Roman settlement, called Quadrilatero Romano.

Visitare Torino: la città romana

Visitare Torino è un viaggio di oltre duemila anni di storia quando fu fondato l’originario accampamento militare romano di Augusta Taurinorum.

All’interno di Palazzo Madama (ingresso a pagamento) sono riconoscibili i resti delle mura di cinta della città romana. A fianco del Duomo, invece, è possibile passeggiare sotto la Porta Palatina e osservare l’area archeologica del teatro romano.

Tour di Torino, città sabauda

Torino subì tre espansioni urbanistiche per abbellire un semplice centro militare nella capitale di Casa Savoia. Dapprima ducato e poi Casa Reale, I Savoia portarono nel 1861, Torino ad essere la prima capitale d’Italia.

Visitare Torino e il ricordo della FIAT

Le Olimpiadi Invernali del 2006 hanno contribuito a cambiare il volto di Torino. Oggi è un polo universitario punto di riferimento del design tecnologico.

Sono ancora vivi i ricordi dei tanti cambiamenti sociali che Torino ha dovuto affrontare nel corso dei secoli e della presenza della FIAT.

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