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Explore Turin’s Rich History with private Tours

Discover the rich history and culture of the first capital of Italy with our expertly guided tours in Turin. Whether you’re interested in exploring the city’s Royal Residences or uncovering hidden gems off the beaten path, our tours offer a unique and immersive experience that will leave you with a deeper appreciation for this beautiful but underrated Italian city.

Join us as we delve into Turin’s fascinating past and discover all that this vibrant destination has to offer.

Choose one of the following tours in Turin and be surprised by an elegant, vibrant, and cosmopolitan Italian city. If you heard of Turin as an industrial and polluted city, expect now to enjoy pedestrian squares, a wide array of museums, and a premium dining selection.

Private tour guide in Turin

Our guide Patrizia delivered an interesting city tour of the area of the Jewish ghetto and the old coffee shops. She was personable, fun, and extremely knowledgeable. We stopped to sample the local hot chocolate drink and had a wonderful time with her. We didn’t expect Turin to be such a fascinating city.
Lauren L. – May 2019

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Tours in Turin: The Classic Walking Tour

The classic walking tour of Turin is ideal for first-time visitors wishing to get acquainted with the former first capital of Italy.

The tour is customizable and our friendly and knowledgeable tour guides can meet guests at their hotel in the city center, at one of the train stations, or elsewhere to be decided at the time of booking.

Turin’s historic center is a treasure trove of art and architecture, following the footsteps of the House of Savoy who significantly contributed to the expansion of the city and to its look.

Our classic guided tour offers the unique opportunity to explore this rich cultural heritage including the most recent evolution of Turin. From the industrial urban sprawl caused by the presence of the car factory to one of Italy’s innovative centers of technological design, the capital of Piedmont is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city.

From the stunning Baroque architecture of Guarino Guarini and its unique domes to elegant squares and covered passageways,  our tour will take you on a journey through Turin’s artistic past.

Piazza Carignano in Turin

What to see in Turin, the capital of Piedmont

Visit Turin and the central Piazza Castello from where one can spot the two domes of Baroque architect Guarino Guarini, the entrance of Palazzo Madama designed by Filippo Juvarra, and the 1930s high rise, the first of its kind ever built in the city.

Depending on opening times, the classic walking tour of Turin can include the magnificent interior of the church of St. Lawrence, a masterpiece of Baroque architecture. This is where the Holy Shroud of Turin was first placed in the second half of the 1500s.

We then continue towards the exterior of the Royal Palace, the Royal Library (limited access), and the entrance of the Opera House. Visit Turin all the way to Piazza Carignano, the seat of the first Italian Parliament, and to the XVII century Piazza S. Carlo.

On the way, explore the elegant Galleria Subalpina (one of the covered passageways of Turin), the long arcades of via Po with its bookshops, and some of the most representative historic coffee shops where the Fathers of the Unification of Italy used to gather.

Subalpina Gallery in Turin

Roman ruins not to be missed on these tours in Turin

Joining our classic walking tour in Turin means taking a journey that spans for over 2000 years. Originally, Turin was settled as a Roman military outpost, called Augusta Taurinorum.

On the ground floor of Palazzo Madama (fee required), one can see the remains of the walls of the Roman city and the remains of one of the city gates. Next to the Cathedral, instead, the Palatine Gate is still standing and it lies on the side of the archeological site of the Roman theatre.

Roman ruins in Turin

Visit Turin, the city of the House of Savoy

Turin was expanded three times in order to transform the early medieval town into the new capital of the House of Savoy. First dukes and later kings, the Savoy family brought Turin to be the Capital of Italy in 1861.

Such expansion took place throughout the XVII century at the time of the Baroque style and the main task of architects was to make Turin look bigger than it was. The presence of the power of the monarchy had to be perceived by diplomats and visitors who arrived.

Join our classic walking tour of Turin and see where and how architects worked to satisfy the request of the monarchs.

Things to do in Turin, what is left of the FIAT

Turin hosted the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, an event that changed the vocation of the city.

Our tours in Turin investigate the social changes that Turin had to face in the past decades and the impact of the FIAT car factory. Learn about the influence that such a business had in the historic city center and discover how aristocrats and upper classes used to differentiate themselves from the mass production of the assembly line.

Customized tours can reach the Lingotto plant, today a great example of industrial architecture and repurposed complex.


The tour of Turin’s Jewish Ghetto, historic doorways, and shops brings back to life a hidden collection of gates, knockers, urban decor, symbolic masks, cherubs, animal figures, and precious shop windows, scattered around the city center.

Join our guide for a tour that combines some of the high streets of Turin with secondary alleys, where most tourists don’t get to go.

Walk to the area where the former Jewish Ghetto used to be and let our guide point out those buildings that still show where Jews used to be forced to live. Learn about the long-lasting presence of this community in Turin, and the events that led to the construction of the current synagogue.

Learn more about this tour – click here.


​Tours in Turin: Museums and the Royal Palace

​We can arrange private guided tours of one of the museums of Turin or combine them with the classic walking tour of the city.

The most popular museums include the Royal Residences of the House of Savoy, such as the Royal Palace with the Chapel of the Holy Shroud located in Piazza Castello.

The Egyptian Museum of Turin is the second largest in the world and it is an absolutely astonishing and evocative journey in a different culture. The reason why such a unique collection is in Piedmont has to do with the interest that the Savoy family has in the past and invested in bringing to Turin original pieces from Egypt.

The Cinema Museum is a reminder of the fact that Turin has been the first city in Italy where the early production of movies began. The museum is located inside the massive Mole Antonelliana. A separate ticket to ride the glass elevator inside the dome of the museum takes visitors to the top of the structure from where our local guide can provide a presentation of the 360° view.

Other favorite things to do in Turin are the Car Museum, the Modern Art Museum, and  Museum of the Unification of Italy.

The Tour of Venaria Reale and Stupinigi Palace

From the opulent Palazzo Reale to the grandeur of the Venaria Reale, our tours will take you on a journey through Turin’s royal history. Learn about the lives of the kings and queens who once called these palaces home, and marvel at the exquisite architecture and art that adorn their walls. Don’t miss this chance to experience the grandeur of Turin’s royal past.

Outside the city of Turin, within a 45-minute drive, we recommend visiting the Venaria Reale and the Stupinigi Hunting Lodge.

These palaces are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boast Baroque architecture highly ornate and surrounded by lavish gardens. The Savoy Residences were used for hunting sessions which were an occasion to host social gatherings and parties.

Things to do in Turin: St. Michael Abbey

​St. Michael Abbey lies​ at the foot of the Alps,​ about 45 minutes by car from central Turin​​.

The tour guide can either meet you there or ​in the city center at your hotel, together with a private driver. ​In this case, allow four hours for the tour and the driving time back to Turin​.

Immerse yourself in a medieval atmosphere as you step inside this iconic Abbey that has inspired movies and books. 


​Taste the Flavors of Turin’s Culinary History

Turin’s rich history isn’t just limited to art and culture – it extends to its culinary traditions as well. Our tours in Turin also offer the opportunity to taste the flavors of Turin’s past.

From traditional Piedmontese dishes like agnolotti, the cheese production, and the famous gianduja chocolate, our food tour will take you on a gastronomic journey through the city’s history. You’ll learn about the origins of these dishes and how they have evolved over time, all while indulging in their delicious flavors. ​

​The food tour of Turin is set around​ the neighborhood of ​ Porta Palazzo, the largest food market of Europe​. Besides visiting the market, the tour explores the ​area of the ​original Roman settlement, called Quadrilatero Romano​, where cozy food stores and artisanal food purveyors carry on the tradition.​

Learn more about the Food Tour in Turin – click here.

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