Michelin restaurants in Piedmont

Piedmont reconfirms to be the second Italian region (after Lombardy) by number of Michelin starred chefs and a must-visited destination for food lovers.

Meet Piemonte has divided all Michelin restaurants in Piedmont by geographical area and number of gained stars: from Alba and the wine regions of Barolo and Asti, to the city of Turin, to the lake district (lake Orta and lake Maggiore).

Newly awarded Michelin restaurants in Piedmont

The majority of restaurants awarded in 2021 have been confirmed from the previous year.

However, there are two chefs who got a Michelin star for the first time. Chef Pasquale Laera at Borgo Sant’Anna in the town of Monforte d’Alba and Chef Marco Sacco at Piano 35, a restaurant situated at the 35th floor of the Intesa San Paolo skyscraper in Turin.

Marco Sacco was reconfirmed again of his two Michelin stars at Piccolo lago, in the town of Verbania on lake Maggiore.

How much does a Michelin star restaurant cost?

Dining in a Michelin star restaurant is an experience that stimulates all senses. How much does it cost in Piedmont, it all depends on the number of stars and on the restaurant itself.

Generally speaking, the price can range between 70€ to 250€ per person, for a full tasting menu which includes several courses. These prices are meant just to give an idea and they never include truffles and wines.

Michelin restaurants strive to deliver an impeccable service by taking care of every detail and selecting the best ingredients available. In order to accomplish that, the kitchen brigade, sommelier, Maitre D’ and waiters are generally large teams of professionals.

Nonetheless, Michelin restaurants are the stage for creative chefs who arouse their guests with unusual pairings, complex culinary techniques and a glance of creativity.

Therefore, one can justify the price paid for dining there.

Said that, international visitors agree that average prices in Piedmont tend to be lower compared to Michelin star restaurants in other Countries where a tasting menu can be charged more than 400€ per person.

I Caffi ristorante con una stella Michelin in Piemonte
Restaurant I Caffi in Acqui Terme (AL), one Michelin star


Best restaurants in Piedmont

Michelin chefs are not the only ones that deserve a visit. In fact, Piedmont has a long-lasting tradition of casual restaurants – aka trattoria – where regional cuisine is wisely prepared. The setting can be more or less rustic, depending on the restaurant.

There is a long list of best restaurants in Piedmont which includes both casual eateries and Michelin starred chefs. Meet Piemonte always send a list of recommendations to guests who book a vacation in the region.

Birthplace of the Slow Food movement, a fertile territory with complex wines and sublime ingredients, Piedmont is a foodies’ heaven, one of the most renowned of Italy.

When possible, Meet Piemonte includes in its tours contrasting dining options, from rustic to fine-dining, in order to provide a full understanding of the local culinary scene.

3 Michelin stars restaurant in Alba

The town of Alba is proudly home of one of the eleven restaurants of Italy awarded, in 2021, with three Michelin stars: Piazza Duomo.

Piazza Duomo restaurant has been for years the focal point of high gastronomy in Piedmont, with its elegant dining room facing the central square of the Cathedral of Alba.

Chef Enrico Crippa recently commented that winning three Michelin stars equals to an Olympic gold medal.

Entrata del ristorante Piazza Duomo con tre stelle Michelin ad Alba
The entrance of Piazza Duomo, three Michelin stars in Alba

2 Michelin stars restaurants in Piedmont

Michelin restaurants in the Piedmont region of Italy awarded with two stars are only four. All of them were reconfirmed from the previous year.

Chefs near Alba and the Langhe hills with 2 stars

Two chefs have their restaurants located in the wine regions of Langhe and Barolo, a few miles from Alba.

The first one is Chef Michelangelo Mammoliti at La Madernassa, in the village of Guarene (CN).

The other one is Chef Renzo Vivalda at Antica Corona Reale, located in the village of Cervere (CN), in the plains west of Alba.

Chefs with 2 Michelin stars in the lake district

Other two chefs were awarded with 2 Michelin stars each and their restaurants are in the northern part of Piedmont near lake Maggiore and Malpensa airport.

Villa Crespi with Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo is in Orta San Giulio (NO) on the picturesque lake Orta.

Piccolo Lago with Chef Marco Sacco is in Verbania, on lake Mergozzo, next to the bigger lake Maggiore.

Composizione dello Chef Musso di Ca' Vittoria a Tigliole (Asti)
A course of chef Musso at Ca’ Vittoria in Tigliole near AstiComposizione dello Chef Musso di Ca’ Vittoria a Tigliole (Asti)


1 Michelin star in the wine region (Langhe, Roero and Monferrato)

Among all Michelin starred restaurants of Piedmont, the wine region of Alba, Barolo and Asti, counts eighteen of them, awarded with one star.

The dining experience in such restaurants is often enriched by spectacular views over the vineyards of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato hills, which are part of a UNESCO World Heritage site.

We have divided them between Alba and Asti.

1 Michelin star restaurants in Alba, Italy

Ristorante Larossa with Chef Andrea Larossa in the town center of Alba

Locanda del Pilone with Chef Federico Gallo in Località Madonna di Como (just outside Alba)

Guido with Chef Ugo Alciati. On-site restaurant at Fontanafredda winery, in Serralunga d’Alba (CN)

La Rei with Chef Fabrizio Tesse. On-site restaurant at the Boscareto Resort, in Serralunga d’Alba (CN)

Borgo Sant’Anna with Chef Pasquale Laera in Monforte d’Alba (CN)

Fre with Chef Yannick Alleno in Monforte d’Alba (CN)

Osteria Arborina with Chef Enrico Marmo, just outside the village of La Morra (CN)

Massimocamia in La Morra (CN) with Chef Massimo Camia

La Ciau del Tornavento in Treiso (CN) with Chef Maurilio Garola

Damiano Nigro with Chef Damiano Nigro. On-site restaurant at Villa d’Amelia in Benevello (CN)

All’Enoteca di Canale in Canale (CN) with Chef Davide Palluda

Da Francesco in Cherasco (CN) with Chef Francesco Oberto

21.9 Chef Flavio Costa, on-site restaurant at Tenuta Carretta winery, in Piobesi d’Alba (CN)

Il Centro with Chef Elide Mollo Cordero in Priocca d’Alba (CN)

Il Ristorante di Guido da Costigliole with Chef Luca Zecchin. On-site restaurant at Relais&Chateaux San Maurizio in Santo Stefano Belbo (CN)

1 Michelin star restaurants near Asti

Asti, the smallest province of Piedmont, reconfirms from the previous year three restaurants with one Michelin star each.

Il Cascinale Nuovo in Isola D’asti (AT) with Chef Walter Ferretto

Relais Sant’Uffizio in Cioccaro di Penango (AT) with Chef Gabriele Boffa

Ca’ Vittoria in Tigliole (AT) with Chef Massimiliano Musso

ristorante Guido Da Costigliole presso il Relais San Maurizio
The dining room of Guido Da Costigliole, in a former ancient monastery


1 Michelin star restaurants in Turin

Turin’s food scene is extremely diverse, from street food to high gastronomy.

In 2021, nine chefs gained one Michelin star in the city center of Turin alone.

The former first capital of Italy is more than ever a point of reference for starred chefs who often decide to open their restaurant in the city after gaining success elsewhere. Be present in Turin seems to be a matter of status.

Besides Marco Sacco, mentioned above, another triumph is marked by Neapolitan chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo who found home in Piedmont.

Cannavaccioulo, after climbing the ladder of success in Italian tv shows such as MasterChef and others, in 2021 gets three restaurants in our region, awarded by the Michelin guide.

On top of the consolidated two stars of his Villa Crespi (on lake Orta), the chef gained one star at Cannavacciuolo Bistrot in the city center of Turin and one star at the sister property Cannavacciuolo Cafè & Bistrot in Novara.

Here’s the full list of restaurants located in Turin, with one Michelin star:

Del Cambio on Piazza Carignano with Chef Matteo Baronetto

Vintage 1977 on Piazza Solferino

Casa Vicina located inside Eataly Lingotto with Chef Claudio Vicina

Cannavacciuolo Bistrot at Via Umberto Cosmo with Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo

Carignano, on-site restaurant of Grand Hotel Sitea on via Carlo Alberto with Chef Fabrizio Tesse e Marco Miglioli

Condividere at via Bologna 20 with Chef Federico Zanasi

Torino Piano 35 with Chef Marco Sacco, on the top floor of the skyscraper Grattacielo Intesa Sanpaolo, on Corso Inghilterra

Spazio 7 at Via Modane 20 with Chef Alessandro Mecca

Magorabin on Corso San Maurizio with Chef Marcello Trentini

1 Michelin star just outside Turin

Dolce Stil Novo inside the Venaria Palace with Chef Alfredo Russo

Gardenia in Caluso (TO) with Chef Mariangela Susigan

La Credenza in San Maurizio Canavese (TO) with Chef Giovanni Grasso & Igor Macchia

Zappatori in Pinerolo (TO) with Chef Christian Milone

1 Michelin star restaurants in the eastern wine region

The province of Alessandria is where the eastern part of the wine region is located. Here, the Monferrato hills are home of Gavi wine and other local high-quality productions.

The town of Acqui Terme is an ancient Roman settlement with natural hot springs and a perfect departure point for outdoor lovers.

I Caffi in Acqui Terme (AL) with Chef Bruna Cane

La Fermata in Spinetta Marengo (AL) with Chef Riccardo Aiachini

1 Michelin star in Northern Piedmont (lake district)

Il Patio in Pollone (Biella) with Chef Sergio e Simone Vineis

Il Portale in Verbania Pallanza (VB) on lake Maggiore with Chef Massimiliano Celeste

Christian e Manuel on-site restaurant of Hotel Cinzia in Vercelli with Chef Christian e Manuel Costardi

Tantris in Novara with Chef Marta Grassi

Locanda di Orta in Orta San Giulio (NO) on Orta lake with Chef Andrea Monesi

Atelier in Domodossola (VB) with Chef Giorgio Bartolucci

Cannavacciuolo Cafè & Bistrot in Novara with Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo

Al Sorriso in Soriso (NO) with Chef Luisa Valazza