Monaco – Barolo in helicopter

A day trip from Monaco to Barolo in helicopter

From Monaco to Barolo in helicopter, a luxury day trip with Michelin-star lunch, Barolo winery and more.

At Meet Piemonte we work hard to make dreams come true. And so, we now present the most exclusive food-and-wine day trip available from Monaco and the French Riviera to Italy, by helicopter.

Barolo and the Langhe hills, located in the Piedmont region of Italy, are a land of complex wines, white truffles and the most refined Italian cuisine.

Join this top luxury food destination for a day trip of breathtaking views and mouth-watering experiences.

Our partnership with MonacAir, Official Suppliers of  the Sovereign Prince of Monaco since 1999, ensure safe and comfortable helicopter private flights.

Take off is set from Monaco’s heliport or from helipads on super-yacht, Nice airport or from other private locations to be approved by the experienced and certified team of MonacAir’s pilots.

Airbus H155 pronto al decollo per Barolo
Airbus H155 set to takeoff and fly to Barolo

Return flight from Monaco to Barolo

Being a private day trip, we can tailor it to please the needs of  our guests.

In springtime and summer our typical day trip begins at 10am in Monaco and we plan to be back by 5:30 or 6pm. In winter, for safety reasons, landing in Monaco should not be later than 4:30pm but the day can start earlier in the morning.

Flight time is 40 minutes (25 minutes only with the twin engine helicopter) with stunning views over the Mediterranean, the Alps, all the way to the Langhe hills of Piedmont, in Italy.

The first stop is a boutique Barolo winery where the helicopter can land. A vertical wine tasting led by the owner in person will introduce you to top-notch vintages and single-vineyard bottles.

Partenza in elicottero da Monaco per Barolo
Depart from central Monaco by helicopter

A day trip with exclusive services from Monaco to Barolo

Guests are pampered and taken care of even before takeoff. Here are the top six exclusive services included in our day trip from Monaco to Barolo.

1 – Complimentary transfer to the heliport

Complimentary pick-up and drop off from hotels located in Monte-Carlo to Monaco’s heliport. The transfer is arranged on luxury Mercedes cars or vans.

2- A young and modern fleet

A young, modern and safe fleet of elegant helicopters operated by MonacAir.

Eleganti interni dell'H155 di MonacAir
Elegant interiors of the Airbus H155 operated by MonacAir

3 – Skip the line at the heliport

Private access to the heliport in Monaco.

4 – Landing directly in the winery

Landing directly in a Barolo winery reduces significantly any waste of time spent to drive around the countryside.

When possible, we select only wineries and Michelin-star restaurants where the helicopter can land within the property or in a very short distance. Any other activity or winery without helipads, will be reached with luxury Mercedes cars (or vans), avoiding anyway excessive long drives.

escursione monaco barolo atterraggio langhe
Aerial views of the Langhe hills approaching the winery

5 -Exclusive Barolo wine tasting

Not the ordinary wine tasting! Meet the owner of the winery for a themed tasting focused on the evolution of a single-vineyards throughout several vintages or on a comparison of the same Nebbiolo grapes cultivated on different sides of a handful of hills, which change for soil composition and exposure.

degustazione annate esclusive barolo
Tour of the wine cellar in the Barolo region

6- Michelin-star lunch

Indulge in a traditional tasting menu, prepared by a chef with one Michelin star, served in an elegant dining room with views over the hills.

For a more personalized experience, wine and truffles at lunch are at the guest’s discretion and can be ordered and paid on the spot, following the suggestions of the sommelier and the chef.

At Meet Piemonte we proud ourselves for taking by hand our guests and introduce them to local traditions: for this reason the tasting menu has been included and anything else can be ordered separately.

Pranzo stellato incluso nell'escursione in elicottero da Monaco a Barolo
Michelin-star lunch is included in the day trip from Monaco to Barolo

What to do in the afternoon in Piedmont

Private day trips can last more or less according to specific requests of our guests.

After lunch, we can return straight to Monaco to catch an afternoon business meeting or to relax in a luxury hotel.

If time permits, let us show some more of the Piedmont region.

One can consider a quick stop by car in the town center of Alba for some shopping along the main street. Visit a truffle boutique or satisfy some Italian fashion whim.

Wine lovers can consider the visit in another winery, for a second wine tasting of Barolo or Barbaresco.

Hunting for the white truffle of Alba

For the more active explorers, we suggest the truffle hunting in the wood with the dog.

The season of white truffles goes from end of September to January. Secretive and elusive, white truffles rest in a den of roots until the dog sniff them.

Join the hunter in a walk in the wood for a fun and informative experience where one can witness the alchemy between the man and the dog.

Il tartufo bianco d'Alba durante la ricerca con il cane
White truffle of Alba found with the dog. Photo by Andrea Cairone

Partnership with MonacAir

MonacAir is the first choice when it comes to private helicopter flights from Monaco and the French Riviera. Bestowed with the prestigious title of Official Suppliers to S.A.S. the Sovereign Prince of Monaco in 1999, MonacAir is a guarantee of safety and bespoke service.

The young and modern fleet ensure to our guests a comfortable flight experience onboard an array of elegant helicopters. Most of them carry up to six passengers and they have specifically chosen for their reduced noise pollution and limited Carbon emissions.

Airbus H130 di MonacAir
The flight from Monaco to Barolo with the Airbus H130 takes approx 40 minutes

Flying from the French Riviera over the Alps

A once-in-a-lifetime dream is now becoming true: admiring the French Riviera from the sky and get in a handful of minutes from the sea to the wine cellars.

The takeoff from Monaco gives the chance to take in gorgeous views over the blue Mediterranean. Leave behind the French and the Italian Riviera with their seaside towns sprawled over bays and inlets.

As one says goodbye to the buzzling Monte-Carlo with its high-rise buildings, after a few minutes  the helicopter will fly over the high peaks of the Alps where some snow can be spotted even in summer.

Landing in the Piedmont region of Italy is an experience itself. Barolo wine is produced in the so-called Langhe hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here the landscape is preserved and looks like a man-made garden with geometrical patterns. The gentle slopes can actually be fully enjoyed only with aerial views from the helicopter .

Around the Barolo wine region, hills are dottes with medieval castles, hamlets perched on hilltops and farmhouses scattered around in between vineyards.

Vista aerea della Costa Azzurra in viaggio verso Barolo
Aerial view of the French Riviera flying toward Barolo

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We remind that the cost of the helicopter is fixed, regardless of the number of passengers.