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Tour of Alba and underground


Visit Alba in Piedmont, Italy

The tour of Alba and underground is a walking tour with a private tour guide that last approximately two to three hours. The tour brings back to life centuries of art, life and architecture dating back to the Roman age.


Alba is an elegant town located in the Piedmont region of Italy, very close to the vineyards of the Langhe and Roero hills. It is the perfect departing point for wine tours to Barolo and Barbaresco and to truffle tours. Moreover, Alba is the hometown of “Nutella“, the famous chocolate-hazelnut spread and of the International White Truffle Fair.

Besides the modest size of modern Alba, the town boasts more than 2500 years of history, being firstly settled by local native tribes. When the Roman conquered the region, Alba became in a few decades promoted to the title of “municipium“, granted the Latin citizenship and solid architectures were built.


The tour of Alba is a private experience and it can include or not an underground site, depending on the interest of our guests.


What to see in Alba and its underground

While the standing Cathedral cannot be considered the oldest church in town, due to the numerous times in which it was rebuilt, a great deal of importance has been given to the site where it lies. In fact, the ancient Roman basilica used to be there and it has been replaced by churches whose layered remains are still visible.


The tour of Alba and underground steps inside the Cathedral to admire an impressive wooden inlaid choir dating back to the XVI century as well as the side chapel of S. Teobaldo, a masterpiece of Baroque art.


Four monastic orders left in Alba Gothic and Baroque architectures, evidence of the wealth of the town in the Middle-Age. Slender medieval towers are still standing in a unique skyline that culminates with the highly-ornate elliptic dome of the church named “Maddalena“.


Tour of Alba: home of Nutella and Truffle Market

The private tour guide points out references to contemporary life in Alba and to prominent personalities, artists and businessmen who brought the town to be one of the wealthiest of the Country.


Nonetheless, Alba is still dense of references to the native writer Beppe Fenoglio who left vivid pictures of the town in his books, set in the first half of the XX century.

Rate varies based on:

  • number of people
  • duration of the tour (with or without underground site)
  • time of the year

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When: everyday

Length: 2 hours for the walking tour (3 hours with the underground site)

Cancellation: full refund up to 48 hours before the tour

Private tour: yes

Kids and family friendly: yes

Accessibility: yes

Physical activity: low. The walking tour is about 1 mile long

Meeting place: Piazza Garibaldi in front of Caffé Garibaldi (park your car there) or train station or your hotel


Photo by: Guido Camera (view of Alba) e Niels Krarup Jessen (tower)

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