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Tour of Asti


Visit Asti in Piedmont, Italy

The tour of Asti is a walk with a tour guide throughout the city centre and it lasts between 2 to 3 hours. The rest of the day could be spent visiting one of the many museums and archeological sites of Asti


Asti is often forgotten by many visitors who come to tour Piedmont, however, it boasts art and architecture from its glorious past. Proclaimed an independent city-state in 1095, due to its strategic commercial position, Asti became powerful to the point of receiving permission to mint its own coins and engage in trades across Europe. Read What to see in Asti: history and art

Private tour guide in Asti

The tour of Asti begins in the square where every September takes place the colorful horse race and costume parade, called Palio. Origins of this traditional event are considered to be older than the one in Siena.


The walking tour goes then through the Jewish ghetto, one of the latest to be established in Europe. Many families of this community became, in the XIX century, prominent personalities in town.


For instance, the Ottolenghi family who engaged in urban improvement and built the theatre of Asti, still in use.


A glimpse of Italian lifestyle away from crowds

Continue in quaint medieval streets where, more than anywhere else, the tour guide is essential to identify hidden elements and artistic decorations that could easily be dismissed as insignificant.


Next is the imposing Cathedral, the largest Gothic building in Piedmont which boasts a collection of paintings by the local artist Gandolfino da Roreto. He was one of the first in the Piedmont region to bring Renaissance techniques in its works.


Relevant personalities of Asti

The tour of Asti is not just about churches and history but it is a deeper look to man and women who have brought the city to be well known elsewhere. The most famous man born in Asti is arguably Vittorio Alfieri, writer considered to be a point of reference in Italian literature.


On the contrary, Secondo Pia is not a popular name but he was the first man ever to take a photo of the Holy Shroud of Turin. His pictures revealed more details about the relic, unknown until then.


The private tour guide in Asti will finally walk at the feet of the tallest tower in town, Torre Troyana. Located in the elegant Medici’s square, it is surrounded by private buildings in Liberty style. The square is named after a prominent local businessman nicknamed “the king of blue gold”.


Lastly, Asti is home of brands and artists that became particularly popular nation-wide: Saclà, a food factory and Giorgio Faletti, comedian and writer.


What to see in Asti

Asti displays museums and archeological sites to keep visitors busy for more than a day. The fascinating 8th century crypt of Saint Anastasio is a treasure trove as well as the ancient San Pietro in Consavia, built to host pilgrims at the time of the Crusades.


On top of that, the fossil museum boasts the full skeleton of a whale and dolphins and it is a great choice for families and kids.


Palazzo Mazzetti is home of temporary art exhibitions and scattered around the countryside there are cozy Romanesque churches dating back to XI century.


However, if time is limited and you only have one day available, after the morning’s tour of Asti, one can enjoy Moscato and Barbera wine tastings within a 30-minutes drive from the city.

Rate varies based on:

  • number of people
  • duration of the tour (with or without museums)
  • time of the year

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When: everyday

Length: 2-3 hours for the walking tour (without museums)

Cancellation: full refund up to 48 hours before the tour

Private tour: yes

Kids and family friendly: yes

Accessibility: yes

Physical activity: low. The walking tour is about 1 mile long

Meeting place: Campo del Palio square (park your car there) or train station or your hotel


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