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What is a private tour?

Most of our tours are private, exclusively booked for your party, regardless if you are just a couple or a larger group. The advantages are that you can fully enjoy a tour without worrying about other people around and all our suppliers and tour guides focus on you. On top of that, you have the possibility to select the date that better fit your schedule, which we reserve the right to confirm after checking availability with our suppliers.

A few tours like food tours, trekking or e-bikes might have set dates published on our website and/or are open to other people to join. In this cases we will inform you but anyway our activities are set for small groups not exceeding ten or fifteen people. Should you prefer a private tour no matter what, please request it in the form that you will find in each tour page or send us your request via email at

Who takes our tours?

Our tours and activities are suitable for first-time visitors, repeat guests, outdoor enthusiast and sporty people, food and wine enthusiasts, corporate groups, FIT (individual travelers), groups, honeymooners, wedding parties and families. Meet Piemonte tours are set for people who are curious and willing to experience one of the most authentic Italian region, hosted by locals.

Who are our tour guides?

Our tour guides and tour managers are licensed as required by the Italian legislation. Knowledgeable storytellers, they constantly keep themselves up to date by attending seminars and classes ranging from history to wine making, from art to geology, local traditions and much more. Our guides bring our guests to be part of the story, delivering much more than just the sights and adding an extra value to the experience.

Meet Piemonte guides are locals and provide a personalized experience, going above and beyond and exceeding customer expectations.

Are children on tour welcome?

Children accompanied by an adult are always welcome on our tours and activities. That being said, our experiences may not be appropriate for very young children who have limited palates or attention spans or not enough strength to follow our itineraries. We will provide non-alcoholic beverages for those under the age of 18 as stated by the Italian law, however participants should communicate to Meet Piemonte at time of booking if anyone under the age of 18 years old will attend our activities. We do not have a children rate on any tour involving food and drinks as all guests receive the same servings. Please refer to each tour description for more details including minimum age or height requirements on bikes, segways and quads rentals.

Special dietary needs, food allergies, alcohol and related discounts: how does it work?

We can accommodate special dietary needs, food allergies and other special requests. However it is essential to advise us in advance during the reservation process so we can make arrangements prior to the start of the tour.  We cannot make substitutions once the tour is under way. On our food tours we try to let you sample all the best the region has to offer in terms of traditional food and perhaps it can be a bit difficult for vegans, gluten free and dairy intolerant. On our wine tasting people who don’t drink alcohol can still join the experience as we learn about the local traditions and culture, we tour the wine cellar and we meet the locals. Non-alcoholic beverages can be served however it is essential to advise us in advance during the reservation process so we can make arrangements prior to the start of the tour.  We cannot make substitutions once the tour is under way. Due the the high quality (and therefore cost) of food and wine we provide, we are unable to offer discounts on any of our tours even if you don’t drink alcohol or you have food restrictions that will prevent you from taking full advantage of the food and wine offered on our tours.

What about bad weather or unforeseen circumstances?

In case of bad weather or any other unforeseen circumstance Meet Piemonte reserves the right to cancel the tour/activity and to reschedule it to a new date or to offer a partial or full refund depending on a case by case basis.

How much walking is involved?

On our city tours the average distance covered on foot is about 1.5 miles and we keep the pace slow to moderate.  City tours are all on city sidewalks that are relatively flat with cobble stones, uneven steps. Stairs can be involved. We will not walk the entire time, and there are some opportunities to sit down along the way. On all our trekking tours we walk up to 16 km in a 8 hours experience. Please refer to each tour description for more details.

Is transport necessary?

It is for our wine tours and to reach any other experience as public transportation is not much reliable in the countryside. Most of our tours do not include transportation. Please refer to each tour’s description for more details and do not hesitate to contact us for more inquiries. Private transportation with a professional driver can be expensive. If you are on a budget we highly recommend to rent a car as driving in Northern Italy is more cautious than in the rest of the Country and more similar to North-American standards. Please refer to our directions page for more details about closest airports and public transportation information. If you would like to receive a quote about a private driver and car or van please tell us the number of people and the itinerary.

What about cancellation policy?

Please click here to read our full Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Tipping suggestions?

If you had a great time while on tour and want to recognize your guide for great service, 15-20% is an international standard in the tourism industry.  Our guides work hard to provide a fun & informative atmosphere while on tour and we highly recommend a reward for their performance!


Still doubts and questions to ask?

If you have any doubt please call us +39 344 111 4522 or email us at  We are happy to help!

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