Marco Scaglione

Marco Scaglione is one of the co-founders of Meet Piemonte and covers the role of  “Direttore tecnico” – as known as General Manager.

Marco believes in traveling as one of the most powerful experiences that one can achieve in life. The outcome is personal growth and development of our mental boundaries.

With the ease of access to so many travel options, nowadays what it makes the difference is the ability to plan a trip by focusing on quality, slow pace (less is more!), authenticity and cultural exchanges with locals.

Former tour manager and tour guide, Marco Scaglione has led tours in Italy, Iceland and Switzerland since 2007 for some of the most prominent luxury and mass-market North-American travel companies. He got involved with different targets of guests and contrasting ways of planning and leading similar itineraries.

His broad perspective and understanding of the travel industry combined with his direct exposure to some of the most discerning guests, play a key role in hand-crafting itineraries and laying the groundwork for the overall experience with Meet Piemonte.

Marco’s secret is to assume to be a guest on the tour he’s planning, making sure the pace of the itinerary allows some quiet time to take in the vibe of the destination. He is also an advocate of local small food purveyors and organic farms where he likes to take his clients, exposing them to the most authentic traditions of northwest Italy.

Best preferred Piedmontese recipevitello tonnato (boiled or roasted veal topped with tuna and capers sauce).

Marco Scaglione
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