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Turin Food Tour



  • five food tastings (you won’t need lunch afterward!);
  • two glasses of wine and a bottle of water per person;
  • private tour just for your party!


The food tour of Turin consist of five food tastingsincluding chocolate – set in historic food stores, gourmet food crafter’s workshops and traditional coffee bars which survived to the drastic economic and social changes of the last decades.


The food served on this tour will satisfy and exceed your appetite needs!


The advantage of this private tour of Turin is that the guide is there just for your party and the itinerary takes place in the area of the original Roman settlement where every day takes place the largest food market of Europe.


Savor the most traditional squared ravioli of Turin and a glass of wine in a small pasta shop where ravioli are made every day, by hand, often right in front of our guests. These were the favorite ones of the former Prime Minister of the House of Savoy, Camillo Benso Count of Cavour.


Walk through the market’s stalls were an abundance of fruit and vegetables are displayed and learn more about produce coming from Southern Italy and Northern Africa to please different emigrants who settle in Torino in the 1900s, leaving marks of their own mores in this food festival.


Next, sit at the table of an exclusive cheese shop where our guide will select significant types of products, from goat to cow milk, introducing the renowned dairy tradition of Piedmont.


Nonetheless, our food tour  gives you the opportunity to step inside historic stores with original wooden windows and fancy decor taking you back in time. We visit an old-fashioned drug store selling spices, coffee, candied fruit and an incredible selection of beansrice and cereals, for an educational break on the Slow Food movement.


Traditional “antipasti” – starters – are served in a cozy eatery where only locals go.


What makes Torino (Turin) even more unique is chocolate. Nowadays over 40% of the Italian production is set in Piemonte and the House of Savoy had been one of the first noble families in Europe to fall in love with that exotic product, as it was considered back in the 1700s. The first chocolate as we know it today was invented in Torino (Turin) and later, due to the shortage of cocoa importation during the Napoleonic war, the most traditional chocolate of the city, named Gianduia, was invented by adding hazelnuts – cheap at that time – and decreasing the amount of cocoa needed.


Enjoy a tasting of chocolate pralines and the local “bicerin”, an energizing drink with hot chocolate and coffee.



Tastings order and recipes can change depending on availability.

Please note: food allergies and dietary restrictions MUST be communicated at time of booking.




  • 85 € per person from 3 to 10 adults (from 17 y.o.);
  • 110 € per person for 2 adults;
  • 40 € per child (from 6 to 16 y.o.) accompanied by minimum 2 adults;
  • free of charge for infants up to 5 y.o.



The rate includes

  • Tour guide up to three hours;
  • Five food tastings, two glasses of wine and a small bottle of water per person.


The rate does not include

  • Any entrance fee, additional tastings and anything else not mentioned above in the “the rate includes” field;
  • Alcohol is not served to anyone under the age of 18 y.o.


Tour starts at: 10 am

Tour runs: from Tuesday to Saturday. For different availability please send a request in the form below.

Length: 3 hours

Private tour: yes

Participants: Max 10 (for larger groups please contact us)

Kids and family friendly: YES (not alcoholic beverages will be served to anyone under the Italian drinking age of 18)

Accessibility: yes

Physical activity: low

Meeting place: in Piazza Castello, at the corner with Via Garibaldi (in front of the tourism office)

Arrival place: to be confirmed

In case of rain: the tour runs


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