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Food tour with tastings in Alba, Asti and Turin led by a certified tour guide. Discover the culinary tradition of PiemontePiedmont in Italy! We selected the best old-fashioned bakeriescheese shopsorganic market food stalls, home-cooking take-away and historic coffee bars to offer you a journey through foodwine and history: our food tours always include the most relevant sights of the town we visit alternating some history and art with at least five food tastings.


The amount of food served equals and exceeds your lunch needs!


Ideal to get a complete introduction to the sophisticated culinary scene of Piemonte – Piedmont, our food tours do not only offer the chance to eat some unique gourmet delights but also to fully appreciate the local culture. In facts, food and history are strictly connected to each other and during our food tour you get a better understanding on the intricate origins of our ingredients. There is always a story, an agricultural explanation or a fun fact behind most of the products we use in our cuisine that the tour guide will reveal. Many recipes have seen an evolution throughout centuries but the taste hasn’t changed nor some ingredient like salted anchovies, once carried by legendary merchants from the Ligurian coast to the mainland.


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Piemonte Piedmont – is the birthplace of the Slow Food movement and it had a strong French influence in the past. Nonetheless, being located between the Mediterranean coast and the Alps, the food you’ll eat here has nothing to do with the average Italian food you may already be familiar with.


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