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Meet Piemonte is a tour operator organizing tour packages which combine in one vacation engaging activities (such as truffle hunting, e-bike rides, wineries, the entrance in a spa or a cooking class), with the type of accommodation that best suits the expectations of our guests, for a tailor-made tour in Piedmont.


Pick one of the two standard tour packages below or contact us to build a bespoke tour


Truffle Wine Cooking in Piedmont

3 days/2 nights around Alba


Wine and Spa in Piedmont

3 days/2 nights around Asti



How to build a bespoke tour

All our tour packages can be tailored according to the expectations and needs of our guests and each component of the vacation can be chosen among a wide selection of opportunities. We offer our expertise in the region by suggesting the solution that better fits the preferences of our customer and the final budget.
Consequently, we like to receive as much information as possible:

Which activity to include?

A tour in Piedmont can be entirely focused on wine, outdoor sports, wellness, art or include a mix of all the above. What do you like to do?

Lunch and dinner

Piedmont is by far one of the top food and wine destination in the world and it certainly offers a culinary tradition different from the average Italian food that one might be familiar with.
In Piedmont the best food can be savored in both rustic, traditional restaurants (called “osteria” and “trattoria”), as well as in Michelin-starred kitchens run by famous chefs, where innovation, research and a detailed service will make the meal an unforgettable experience. Both types of meals are great and we like to book, when possible, both of them.

Luxury hotel or cozy bed & breakfast?

Meet Piemonte offers a wide selection of hand-picked accommodations that, besides the budget available, deliver an extra touch to the tour in Piedmont. Whenever our customer’s preference is a countryside farmhouse or a luxury villa, we select independently owned hotels and inns, where the staff, and sometimes the owner in person, welcome our guests making them feeling at home.

Private driver included?

Some guests prefer not to drive especially if winery tours are included. In this case we are glad to add a professional private driver which provides an hassle-free experience without the stress of having to drive on winding roads.
On the other side, if you feel confident to drive your own car, Meet Piemonte will send, upon booking confirmation, addresses and directions to meet each of the suppliers included in the tour. In this case, the tour package will not include the cost of a private driver which can significantly increase the final budget.



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