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Wine Tours of Piedmont


Wine tours of Piedmont, Italy

Join our wine tours of the Piedmont region of Italy for an upscale and intimate experience.


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Wine tours around Alba

Wine tours of Piedmont can take place in the surroundings of the town of Alba, around the Langhe and Roero hills.


Here the indigenous Nebbiolo grapes give origin to several wines, including the renowned Barolo and Barbaresco. A wine tasting in Barolo usually includes other local wines like Dolcetto, Barbera d’Alba or the white Arneis.


Wine tastings near Asti

On the eastern side of Piedmont, we recommend Asti wine region and the less touristy Monferrato hills. Barbera d’Asti wine is aged in oak and surprises wine lovers who are looking for a full-bodied wine.


Nonetheless, Asti wine region is well known for the sweet Moscato wine, Asti Spumante and for local varietals such as Grignolino and Ruchè, which are worth a wine tasting.


Best wine tours of Piedmont

For a full understanding of wines of Piedmont, we encourage to visit the area of production of Gavi wine. Obtained from Cortese white grapes, Gavi’s home is in the southern side of the region, on the way to the Mediterranean coast.


Lastly, Nebbiolo grape lovers may be interested in a wine tasting of Gattinara and Ghemme wines, available in northern Piedmont, at the foot of the Alps.


Let us customize a private wine tour for your party!


Otherwise, find below our most popular wine tours of Piedmont. Click on one of the pictures:

4-hour Private tour

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Choice of driver included or your car

8-hour Tour | driver included | 7 guests

Light lunch included

3 top wineries

2 Wineries | no guide | no driver

Moscato wine (sweet and dried-grapes)

Barbera d’Asti wine

Wine tasting in Barolo: our difference

With dozens of wines produced within the Piedmont region of Italy and with hundreds of wineries available, it takes experience and knowledge to select the best ones for our wine tours.


Our wine tours of Piedmont are focused on boutique, family-owned wineries. We stay away from the commercial high streets where most tour packages available on the internet would take you.


Meet Piemonte plans wine tours of Piedmont where guests get to meet the owner in person or trusted staff members who engage and share a great deal of information.


Top-notch wines and labels are, in most cases obtained by grapes cultivated by the same wine maker who press, age and store them in the cellar. Our wine tasting follow the complete cycle of the life of grapes and wines, from the vineyard to the glass.



Premium wine tastings with Meet Piemonte

Wine tours set by Meet Piemonte include generous wine tastings which are above the average selection offered by other tour companies.


In the Barolo wine tour, for example, the tasting experience include the comparison of different types or vintages or single-vineyards of Barolo wine.

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