Truffle Hunting Tours

Exploring Italy’s Piedmont Countryside with exclusive Truffle Hunting Tours

Meet an expert truffle hunter and the dog for engaging and fun Truffle Hunting Tours in the woods near Alba.

Join exclusive truffle hunting experiences in the Piedmont countryside. Discover the legends, culture, and food pairings of these sought-after mushrooms.

Our Ultimate Guide to Truffle Hunting in Alba has useful information that everyone should be aware of before booking any Truffle Hunting.

Partake in an Exclusive Truffle Hunting Adventure with an Experienced Hunter & Dog

Partake in this exclusive Piedmont truffle hunting experiences with an experienced hunter and the dog.

On the tour, you’ll explore undiscovered trails and vistas, learning from your hunter about training dogs and finding the right spots.

The dog is the real star of any of our Truffle hunting Tours as they follow the hunter’s directions and commands. Once the dog intercepts the pungent smell of a truffle, their instinct is to dig and possibly eat it but the hunter quickly stops the excited animal, whose nails and paws can scratch the truffle.

Be part of this informative experience and learn firsthand how to unearth the white truffle of Alba or the summer black truffle from the ground.

Learn About Italy’s Truffle Heritage and Culture.

When you take part in one of our Truffle Hunting Tours in Piedmont, you will learn all about the rich heritage of truffle hunters and their importance to Italy’s culture.

As well as searching for the highly prized white and black truffles, your hunter will share with you the legends and myths, information about trees, soil composition and all-things truffles. Get ready to discover a whole new world with this unforgettable excursion!