Italy with Meet Piemonte

Travel to Italy with Small-Group Tours

Travel to Italy with Meet Piemonte, an incoming Tour Operator based in northwest Italy.

Meet Piemonte aims to provide hassle-free, small-group tour vacations in Italy, combining off-the-beaten-path experiences with popular sites. We travel in style to Piedmont, Tuscany, Lake Como, Sicily, the Amalfi Coast, and to other less-visited regions of Italy.

A vetted team of tour guides, drivers, local hosts, and owners of boutique hotels, selected with over fifteen years of experience, is fully committed to delivering the experience of a lifetime.

Independent travelers, wine clubs, and travel companies that are looking to travel to Italy, find in Meet Piemonte Tour Operator a reliable Destination Management Company that works behind the scenes on their behalf. 

Discover Italy’s Undiscovered Regions with Meet Piemonte

Delve into the lesser-known regions of Italy with the expertise of Meet Piemonte Tour Operator.

Travel in style with our slow-paced itineraries and stay in high-end boutique hotels where large groups won’t fit. Indulge in bountiful traditional meals and fine dining experiences. Find out more about our small group tours of Italy here.

Each Italian region boasts an incredible array of resources, activities, hidden gems, and local flavors.  The logistics behind a tour in Italy are much more complicated than it may seem.

Traveling to Italy with Meet Piemonte Tour Operator ensures a smooth experience from the planning process to assistance while on tour.

Because of our fifteen years of experience in the travel industry, we pride ourselves on serving our guests with detailed services and the highest level of local expertise.

What’s behind Meet Piemonte Tour Operator

  • A reliable Italian Tour Operator with a network of trusted and vetted suppliers across Italy
  • Deep knowledge and expertise in Piedmont and less-visited regions of Italy
  • On-site assistance when dealing with emergencies and last-minute changes
  • A team with long and traced experience in the travel industry
  • Understanding of the expectations of the most discerning guests
  • Efficient and precise communication throughout the planning process

Visit Italy in style with Meet Piemonte

  • A range of offbeat and authentic experiences that guests would never find on their own
  • When possible, we prefer longer hotel stays, avoiding unnecessary packing and unpacking
  • Settle in and enjoy, do not think about logistics!
  • Slow pace means more time to fully plunge into the destination and leave some space for a last-minute whim
  • Tour guides who go beyond dates and facts, highlighting elements otherwise dismissed as insignificant
  • Human factor: do not just sign up for a cheese or wine tasting but get to do it with the person who made that cheese or wine. Meet local people who share their passion, traditions and values

The team of Meet Piemonte Tour Operator

Marco Scaglione

Tour Operator General Manager

Alessandra Gallo

Finance and Reservations

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